Pioneer, Century, and Statehood Certificates 

Granted in  2003  Compiled by Dolly Flinn


 The IOWA PIONEER CERTIFICATE is a project of the Iowa Genealogical Society.  Anyone whose ancestor was in Iowa in 1856 or before may apply.  Sources of proof can be census, county history, Bible record, land record, etc.  The completed application and copies of proof are filed at the library for the patrons’ use.  Following are all of the Iowa Pioneer Certificates issued for 2003 that have not been published in previous issues.


 ARNOLD, Mary Ann: b 1790 in Salem, Fayette Co., PA; d 1867; buried in Madison Co., IA;  m George Kale; Settled by 1854 in Madison Co.; Ch: Mary Priscilla “Peree” (Foster), Ruby R. “Risby” (Creger), Reuben A., David, Rebecca (Gatchell), John R., Mary Ann “Polly” (Bradshaw), Jackson H., Nancy C. (Rutledge), Sarah, Mary.


 AYRES, John Sr.: b 09 June 1800 in York Co., PA; d 11 Dec 1871; buried in Ross-East Fork Cemetery, Cedar Co., IA; m Rachael Wonder; Settled by 1855 in Cedar Co.; Ch: David, Ann (Manning), Sebastian, John Jr., Mary Jane (Wareham), Amanda, Newton, Caroline C. (Dice), Margaretta C. (Blizzard), Leah E. (Gano).


 BAKER, Daniel: b 04 March 1826 in Marshall Co., WV; d 19 May 1876; buried in Madison Co., IA; m Fanny Moore; Settled by 1847/1848 in Des Moines Co.; Ch: William Neely, Byron Henry, Mary, Samuel Wesley, Alice Abigail (Spilman), Ida May (Wood), Charles Eugene, John Schuyler, Clement Valandingham, Sherman B.


  BAKER, George: b 26 April 1776 in Baker’s Station, Marshall Co., WV; d unknown; buried in Madison Co., IA; m Margaret Reager; Settled by 1850 in Madison Co.; Ch: Daniel, Andrew J., Melvina (Lake), John, Sidney, Sadie, Ruth.


 BALL, John: b 03 May 1829 in Columbiana Co., OH; d 31 Aug 1887; buried in Cedar Co., IA; m Cynthia Heald; Settled by 1852 in Centerdale, Cedar Co.; Ch: William Heald, Atlantic Allen (Fawcett), Walter Scott, Clara Rebecca (Crew), Addison Heald, Emmerson Conrad.


 BENJAMIN, Jacob: b 1822 in France; d 1850; no burial place given; m Mary Agatha Weisharr; Settled by 1848 in Lee Co.; Ch: Mary  (Welsing), Theresa (Heitzman), Jacob.


 BIRD, William: b 03 July 1791 in Fredrick Co., PA; d 05 July 1864; buried in Madison Co., IA; m 1st Elizabeth Critchfield; 2nd Sarah Daniels Davis; Settled by 1840’s in Madison Co.; Ch: by 1st wife, Oreda P. (Landis), Oliver H. Perry, Julie (Armstrong), Sarah Ann (Guiberson), Thomas C., Quintius C., John C., unidentified child; children by 2nd wife, Isaac Newton, Butler Bird, James Harvey,  unidentified child.


 BRAKEL, John: b 24 Sept 1810 near Stuttgart, Germany; d 08 Oct 1888; buried in Oakland Cemetery, Solon, IA; m Julia Margaret Metzger; Settled by 1845 in Johnson Co.; Ch: Susan (Shuble), Mary (Stockle), John C., Margaret (Upmier, Jr.), William Frederick, Adaline (Hanson), Charles G., Samuel Houston, Rozella Margaretha (Axmear), Lewis Heinrich.


 BREWER, William Sr.: b 1821; d 1878; burial place not given; m 1st Rachel Jane Schooley; 2nd Margaret Jane McCulley; Settled by 1847 in Dallas Co.; Ch: children by 1st wife, James Matison, William Leonard, Samuel Marion; children by 2nd wife, Catharine A., Levina, Josephene, Adela, John, Elrene.


 CALDERWOOD, James: b 21 June 1825 in Killy Donnelly, Antrim, Ireland; d 09 Jan 1917; buried in Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Brooklyn, Poweshiek Co., IA; m Henrietta Middlemas; Settled by 1851 in Scott Co.; Ch: Matthew James, Catherine Elizabeth (Copley), Rosanna, Jasper Turner, Emma Jane.


 CARLISLE, James: b abt 1824 in Canada; d 01 March 1896; buried in Westview Cemetery, La Porte City, IA; m Maria/Mariah Helm; Settled by 1847 in Benton Co.; Ch: Charlotte V. (Wilmouth), Daniel James, Sheldon.


 CARMICHAEL, Lewis: b 07 May 1825 in Middletown, Orange Co., NY; d 11 Nov 1912; buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Tama, Tama Co., IA; m Mary E. Bunce; Settled by 1854 in Muscatine Co.; Ch: Mary Ellen (Maxwell), Henry Farnam, Edwin L., Charles H., Stephen Decatur, Agnes M. (Spafford), Harriet “Hattie” E., Saddie Lee, Lina Mae (Watson).


 CLARK, Michael: b 22 Sept 1819 in Ireland; d 05 March 1915; buried in Paint Rock Cemetery, Harpers Ferry, IA; m Bridget Marrin; Settled by 1853 in Fairview Twp., Allamakee Co.; Ch: Mary Frances, Katherine Evaline (Hart), John Francis, Ann Jane, Ellen Agnes.


 CROUSE, Jacob: b 05 May 1824 in Ashe, Surry Co., NC; d 23 Jan 1913; buried in Holiday Creek Cemetery, Pleasant Valley Twp.; m Mary Catherine Lineback; Settled by 1853/1856 in Webster Co.; Ch: Reuban Benjamin, John Herman, Louise Elizabeth, Isaac Newton, Julia Catherine (Gustafson), Wiley Manuel, Ellen, Fred.


 DUNCAN, John Wayne: b 22 Feb 1824 in Calloway Co., MO; d 14 Oct 1891; buried in Marvin, Phillips Co., KS; m Margaret Jane Miller; Settled by 1850 in Page Co.; Ch: Henry M., Thomas Wayne, Mary E., Jacob M., J. Daniel, Orena, Margaret.


 GOODSON, Joseph Columbus: b 30 Sept 1812 in Jefferson Co., East TN; d 16 Feb 1895; buried in Booneville Cemetery, Boone Twp., Dallas Co., IA; m Priscilla Coffin; Settled by 1847 in Dallas Co., IA; Ch: William N., Sarah Ann (Clayton), Silas Jasper, Jacob Marion.


 KAMMERER, John: b 01 June 1819 in Westmoreland Co., PA; d 18 March 1899; buried in Monroe Township Cemetery, Imogene, Fremont Co., IA; m Salome Buzzard/Bussard; Settled by 1856 in Otter Creek Twp., Jackson Co.; Ch: Mary Elizabeth (Foust), George, Michael, William H., Emaline (Eastman), Leah (Adams), Sarah Ann (Gee), Susannah Margaret (Addy), James Borlin, Joseph Rush.


 KING, Michael H., Sr.: b 23 Dec 1835 in County Cavan, Ireland; d 30 May 1902; buried in St. Ambrose Cemetery, Des Moines, Polk Co., IA; m Rose Ann Casady; Settled by 1856 in Polk Co.; Ch: Hugh V., Mary F., Rose B., Margaret H., Michael H., Alice A. (Brownrigg), Katherine I., Estella J.


 LANDIS, Isaac Newton: b 01 July 1844 in Putnam Co., IN; d 10 Nov 1916; buried in Madison Co., IA; m Mary Ann Kale; Settled by 1853 in Madison Co.; Ch: Thomas Cleveland, Minnie J., William Bird, Laura, Joseph L., Minnie B. (Moorman), Elsie May (See).


 LANDIS, Joseph: b 1813 in PA; d 16 Jan 1877; buried in Madison Co.; m Orenda P. Bird; Settled by 1853 in Madison Co.; Ch: Isaac Newton, William Bird, Sarah (Dorrell), Ammon J.


LIVINGSTON, Elijah B.: b 17 Nov 1822 in Indiana; d 12 Sept 1902; buried in Lester Cemetery, Davis Co., IA; m Mariah N. Clark; Settled by 1850 in Davis Co.; Ch: Mary, Martha Ann (Parker), Sarah Lucinda, Drusilla, Thomas, George W., Ida.


 MARTIN, Nimrod: b 15 Jan 1823 in Washington Co., IN; d 04 Aug 1896; buried in Eslinger Cemetery, Urbana Twp., Monroe Co., IA; m Harriet A. Eslinger; Settled by 1853 in Monroe Co.; Ch: Sarah F., Samuel C., Lucy A., Elizabeth A. (Bigalow), Mary I. (Whitlock), Catherine (Miller).


 MC DONALD, Robert G.: b 04 Jan 1833 in Co. Antrim, Ireland; d 14 May 1904; buried in Alcock Cemetery, Douglas Twp., Bremer Co., IA; m Ann McDonald; Settled by 1855 in Bremer Co.; Ch: John, Samuel, James, David, Mary Ann, Margaret, Agnes, Sarah, Robert, Julia.


 MILLER, Samuel Burk: b 03 May 1827 in Indiana; d 22 March 1907; buried in Caldwell Cemetery, Monroe Co., IA; m Mackey Watson; Settled by 1847 in Henry Co.; Ch: Isaac B., Cornelius, Clarissa E. (Whistler), Rachel, Mary Agnes, Oliver Simpson, Robert Kill, Sarah Frances (Archer), Emma Alice (1st Rodgers, 2nd Wilson)


 PRICE, Thomas: b 11 May 1816 in Licking Co., OH; d 22 Aug 1892; burial place unknown; m Tabitha Emberlin/Emberling; Settled by 1856 in Marion Co.; Ch: Fanny (Pye), Rosanna (Hodgson), Nancy, Mary “Polly”, Sarah Amelia (Hougham), Elehanna Viola (Hughes), Isaac R., Thomas B.


 RATER, John Theodore: b 04 Aug 1819 in Prussia; d 04 Dec 1871; buried in Calvary Cemetery, Ottumwa, IA; m Hannah Catherine Retiew; Settled by 1849 in Davis Co.; Ch: Mary C. (Rouch), Elizabeth H. (Dawson), Sophia M. (Molumby), John T. Jr., David A., George W.


 RODENBERGER, Sarah: b 05 May 1853 in Brazil, IN; d 11 March 1915; buried in Mackey Cemetery, Boone Co., IA; m John Miller; Settled by 1855/1856 in Boone Co.; Ch: Alfred Erastus, Charles Henry, Emma May, Hattie Bell (Stanley), Darwood Belmont, Jennie Ethel (Morgan), Frank Andrew, Esther Annie (Banford), John Knoble, Herbert A., Edith Olive (Banford), Baby Brother, Baby Sister.


 RUMMELHART, Joseph: b 28 Oct 1792 in Alsace-Lorraine, Haut-Rhine, France; d 25 Nov 1858; buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Riverside, IA; m Catherine Guittard; Settled by 1853 in Johnson Co.; Ch: Joseph, Francis X., Katherine J. (Gross), Saraphine, Dewalt T., Peter, Lewis H.


 SAWYER, Edmund Sr.: b 15 March 1804 in Camden Co., NC; d 02 March 1892; buried in Spring Creek Cemetery, LaPorte City, IA; m Mary Williams; Settled by 1852 in Blackhawk Co.; Ch: Wilson, Lorenzo, Mary Ann (1st Wells, 2nd Bird, 3rd Sroufe), Isaac, Martha (Lanning), Elizabeth (1st Leverick, 2nd Dixon), Edmund Jr., Lucinda (Winsett), Demarcus, George Washington.


 STARR, John W.: b 06 May 1826 in OH; d Jan 1885; buried Elk Creek Cemetery, Clayton Co., IA; m Anna Rulon; Settled by 1851 in Clayton Co.; Ch: Samuel J., Margaret, Sarah L. (Bloodworth), William F., John Jr., George F., Emma (Smock), Levi.


 WAHL, Frederick: b 14 June 1824 in Rittershoffen, Alsace, France; d 26 May 1905; buried in Bass Point Cemetery, Boone Co., IA; m Catherine Thresh; Settled by 1853 in Boone Co.; The family group sheet was not attached.


 WHITNEY, George: b 12 Sept 1823 in Ontario Co., NY; d 11 July 1912; buried in Union Cemetery, Hardin Co., IA; m Maria Row; Settled by 1856 in Hardin Co.; Ch: Martha (Lounsbury), Crosby, Henry, Susan, Jane (Lounsbury), George H., Ulysses Grant.


 WILLIAMS, John: b 26 July 1785 in Ohio Co., WV; d 10 July 1866; buried in Benton Co., IA; m Eliza Jane Zane; Settled by 1856 or before in Benton Co.; Ch: Cyrus, Theodore, Clista, Eliza, Maria, Rebecca Jane (Merritt), Isaac Zane, John M., William Amos, Sarah Ann.


 WOODHOUSE, William: b 1808 in Princess Ann Co., VA; d June 1869; buried in Congregational Churchyard, Durango, IA; m Ann Rebecca Boyd; Settled by 1842 in Dubuque Co.; Ch: David, Jane (Bliss), Joseph Martin, William Boyd, Amanda (Clark), Polly, William Paley, Susan Rebecca (Fawkes), Malina.





 BROOKS, Robert Williamson: b 12 Dec 1847 in Ashmore, IL; d 02 Jan 1927; buried in Brooks Cemetery, Ashmore, IL; m Amy Elizabeth Todd; Settled by 1902 in Dallas Co.; Ch: Mary Virginia, Arminita Carollia (Hunter), Perry Hugh, Henry Leightly.


 COLLINS, John B.: b 03 May 1848 in Ritchie Co., WV; d 23 Nov 1923; buried in Eslinger Cemetery, Monroe Co., IA; m Hellen Vices Cain; Settled by 1883 in Marion Twp., Davis Co.; Ch: Mary Lavina (Belks), Perry Daniel, George Preston, Anna Sarah (DeLong), Ida May, Olie Myrtle (Cloyd), Effie Jane (1st Wildman, 2nd Kirkpatrick, 3rd Stribling), Evelyn, Albert.


 DAILY, Patrick: b 1828 in Cavan Co., Ireland; d 08 Nov 1895; buried in St. Rose Cemetery, Eden, IA; m Catherine Kirk; Settled by 1865 in Fayette Co.; Ch: Edward E., Margaret (Brennen), Thomas P., Mary Jane (Coffey), Joseph, Henry, Frank M, Anne, Charles A., William J., James.


 DE LONG, John A.: b 09 March 1837 in Perry Co., OH; d 04 May 1894; buried in Eslinger Cemetery, Monroe Co., IA; m Adaline Taylor; Settled by 1869 in Mahaska Co.; Ch: James William, Cora B., Edward Clinton, Philip Owen, Lucinda, John Lurton, Jacob Pace, Charles Ernest.


 NASS, Carl Frederich Herman: b 26 Jan 1844 in Pagenkopf, Naugarrd, Pomerania, Prussia; d 01 April 1917; buried in Dysart, IA Cemetery; m Louisa Augusta Kuhn; Settled by 1878 in Tama Co.; Ch: Herman Gottlieb, Charles Frederick, Frank Albert, Albert Martin Ferdinand, Maria Louisa Auguste (Hark), Anna Sarah (Degner), Frederick August, Sarah Minnie (Thiele), Clara Rose (Thiele), Wilhelm Gottleib Eduart, Gustav Frederick Wilhelm, Auguste Sophia, William Gottlied.


 SCHLEY, Frederick Wesley: b 12 Dec 1832 in Kirchardt, Baden, Germany; d 14 July 1884; buried in Oakland Cemetery, Big Grove Twp., Johnson Co., IA; m Finetta Ann Miller; Settled by 1859 in Linn Co.; Ch: Jacob Henry, Sarah Jane, Dorothea Ann (Kessler), Eliza Ellen (Livingston), Finetta Barbara (Miller), Mary Catharine (Kasper), Samuel Issac, Frederick Welsey, Nevada May (Orris), Lewis Franklin, Iva Loretta (Maxey).


 SMITH, Asa: b 12 Sept 1877 in Earlham, Madison Co., IA; d 20 Dec 1958; buried at Perry, Dallas Co., IA; m Rosa June McClure; Settled by 1877 in Madison Co.; Ch: Lucille Pauline, Gladys Emma (Wilson), Raymond Vannatta, Homer Edwin, Myrtle Elizabeth (McCormick), Lyle Clarence, Wilma Eileen (Wilson), Ila June.



STAFFORD, Thomas Elwood: b 04 March 1856 in Alamance Co., NC; d 21 Nov 1926; buried in Eslinger Cemetery, Monroe Co., IA; m Mary Anise Wilson; Settled before 1883 in Ford, Warren Co., IA; Ch: August Cullen, William Edger, John Calvin, Martin Luther, Infant, Maggie Bell (Thompson), Martha Catherine (Jenkins), Claire Frances (Chidester).




 BLACK, Samuel: b 1808 in Washington Co., PA; d 27 July 1865; buried in Green Mound Cemetery, Trenton Twp., Henry Co., IA; m Mary Adamson; Settled by 1842 in Henry Co.; Ch: John Mitchell, Sinetta (Messer), Thomas A., Samuel Thomas, Mary (Huffman), William Wesley.


 BRAKEL, John: b 24 Sept 1810 near Stuttgart, Germany; d 08 Oct 1888; buried in Oakland Cemetery, Solon, IA; m Julia Margaret Metzger; Settled by 1845 in Johnson Co.; Ch: Susan (Shoff),Mary (Stockle), John C., Margaret (Upmier, Jr.), William Frederick, Adaline (Hanson), Charles G., Samuel Houston, Rozella Margaretha (Axmear), Lewis Heinrich.


 BYERLY, Michael: b 08 July 1818 in Fairfield Co., OH; d 10 July 1896; buried in Jones Co., IA; m Elizabeth Stone Jeffries; Settled by 1846 in Jones Co.; Ch: Alvin, Milton, John, Matilda, David, Melinda, William Michael, Elizabeth.


 COFFIN, William: b 29 Oct 1771 in Guilford Co., NC; d 23 Sept 1846; buried in Booneville Cemetery, Booneville, Dallas Co., IA; m Mary Duncan; Settled by 1846 in Dallas Co.; Ch: Joseph, Jesse Greenberry, Greenberry K., Elizabeth (Rawson), Nancy (Johnson), Stephen, Sarah (Wright), Priscilla (Goodson), Deborah (Shields).


 DAVIS, Jane M.: b 20 Oct 1780 in Jefferson Co., East TN; d 12 May 1863; buried in McGlothlen Cemetery, Columbia Twp., Wapello Co., IA; m Charles M. McGlothlen; Settled by 1845 in Wapello Co.; Ch: Elizabeth, Rebecca J. (Cain), Nancy M., John Davis, George Harland/Harlan, Sarah Marinda (Longmire), Thomas Davis, Mary “Polly” Keeney (Templeton), Jane M. (Mendenhall), Jonathan Keeney, Eleanor Davis (Kirkpatrick).


 INGHAM, John: b 02 April 1776 in Richmond, MA; d 08 Oct 1860; buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Brighton, IA; m Sarah Dresser; Settled before 1846 in Washington Co.; Ch: Joseph, Lucy Dresser, Irena, Sophia Malinda, James Dresser, John Brown, Stephen Van Renessele Leer, Benjamin Isham, Sally Ann, Harriet (Bradford), Harry.


  MC GLOTHLEN, Charles M.: b 13 April 1780 in Greenbrier Co., VA; d 10 Nov 1850; buried in McGlothlen Cemetery, Columbia Twp., Wapello Co., IA; m Jane M. Davis; Settled by 1845 in Wapello Co.; Ch: Elizabeth M., Rebecca J. (Cain), Nancy M., John Davis, George Harland/Harlan, Sarah Marinda (Longmire), Thomas Davis, Mary “Polly” Keeney (Templeton), Jane M. (Mendenhall), Jonathan Keeney, Eleanor Davis (Kirkpatrick).


 MOORE, Fannie: b 14 April 1831 in Clarion Co., PA; d 10 Nov 1911; buried in Madison Co., IA; m                     Daniel  Baker; Settled by 1840/1842 in Des Moines Co.; Ch: William Neely, Byron Henry, Mary, Samuel         Wesley, Alice Abigail (Spilman), Ida May (Wood), Charles Eugene, John Schuyler, Clement                 Valandingham, Sherman B., Effa, Eldon Emory, Millie Rosaline, Mabel Lulu, Maude M. (Black).


MOORE, Samuel: b April 1802; Place of birth not given; d 27 Oct 1870; buried near Middleton,  Des Moines Co., IA; m Mary M. Neely; Settled before 1846 in Flint River Twp., Des Moines Co., IA; Ch: Frances “Fanny” (Baker), Henry B., Mary (Wilson), LaVina (Leroy), Mahala, Hulda B., Barbara J., Francis Marion , Lemmon, Samuel, Wesley.


 PHILLIPS, Jane Amanda: b 14 May 1836 in IN; d 31 Jan 1901; buried in OR; m Thomas Guy Shepard; Settled about 1839 in Jackson Co.; Ch: William Guy, Emma Susanne, Owen Tyler, Watson.


 WHITAKER, Lydia: b 07 Feb 1804 in OH; d 10 Oct 1844; buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Jackson Co., IA; m William Phillips; Settled by 1839 in Jackson Co.; Ch: Nancy (Higgins), Cyrena (Clark), Moses, Margaret (Kessler), Andrew, Jane (Shepard), John, Charlotte (Fuller), William T.