American Indian Records:

The Iowa Genealogical Society Library has  microfilm records containing the census of the Sac & Fox (American Indians) of the Mississippi living at the settlement in Tama, Iowa.  With few exceptions, our copy of the census covers the period from 1891 – 1939. The quality of the microfilm is remarkably good.  By the 1920’s the information provided on the census had increased to include both the American Indian and English names of the person, their age, birth date, sex, and relationship to each other in the household.  Occasionally the death date of an individual is recorded. Also persons living at the Tama settlement that came from other jurisdictions, such an the Sac & Fox in Oklahoma, are noted.  Other information reflective of the time period in which the census was taken includes “degree of blood” and “legal” marriages and divorcees.  This census follows approximately 375 individuals (77 families). Because the census was done yearly it provides a unique record of the lives of these Americans.

Native American Resources at the Iowa Genealogical Society Library:

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